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Friday Rockpile: 'Trade deadline schmrade deadline' says Bill Geivett, paraphrased

All quiet on the western front for the Colorado Rockies.

David Banks

Rockies drop 3 of 4 in Chicago after 3-1 loss to Cubs - Denver Post

Patrick Saunders spends his recap of yesterday's anemic loss talking about the trade deadline and the Rockies' inactivity. He spoke with Bill Geivett, who says the rationale for standing pat was that 2015 could be a contending year. Even the quotes don't sound too confident.

Rockies hold on to core at trade deadline -

The company line is that the Rockies didn't see a deal that made them better for 2015. So they stayed silent.

A brief lesson in opportunity cost, starring Drew Stubbs - Matt Muzia

Friend of the Row Matt Muzia has a great take on Drew Stubbs and the opportunity cost of not moving him at the trade deadline. While Stubbs has been great as a Rockie, keeping him precludes the Rockies from getting better in other areas, according to Matt.

Zingers in Da Clubhouse - Richard Bergstrom

The proprietor of Rockies Zingers wrote about his first experience covering the team. There's some pretty cool stuff in here.

Rockies Prospects: Jordan Lyles, Tyler Anderson, and David Dahl star on Thursday - Purple Row

The major league team may be a mess right now, but the farm system sure has some fun guys kicking around down there. Read about them! Feel better about things!