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Sunday Rockpile: How long will it take to fix the Rockies?

Can a team meeting do the trick? What about trading Carlos Gonzalez this off season? Short term or long term? How should we fix the Colorado Rockies?

Trevor Brown

Walt Weiss called a team meeting last night according to Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post. That oughtta do the trick.

Winning more games this season feels a bit like a fools errand even more now with Carlos Gonzalez returning to the DL. Though, really what is the rush in getting him back other than to increase his potential trade value this off season? Saunders goes in-depth with all the ailments that have been troubling Carlos Gonzalez this season including the health of his two daughters.

It's been a rough season for CarGo and as Saunders so succinctly points out:

What happens to him in the coming weeks and months could well determine whether he regains his place as one of baseball's elite players or if he'll be remembered as a shooting star who burned bright, but oh, so briefly.

The rest of this season also could determine where he plays next season.

In other news of the incredibly lucky, Brett Anderson is awaiting the results of an MRI the results of which could see him missing the rest of the season per Thomas Harding.

Apparently, it's "Fix the Rockies" week in national media land, this time Jim Bowden offers seven moves he thinks can get the Rockies back into contention but I don't know what they are since I am too broke to pay for an Insider account. Just assume I either completely agree, am deeply offended, or somewhere in between.