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Monday Rockpile: Ryan Spilborghs in the ROOT Sports broadcast booth?

The Rockies can seem to put a winning product on the field, so maybe they can improve their television broadcasts instead!

Doug Pensinger

Did Oprah stop by the Colorado Rockies clubhouse during spring training for the worst givaway ever? You get an injury and you get an injury! Every ... body ... gets ... an ... injuryyyyyyyy!

Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post has all the injury fun from Brett Anderson's bulging disk, to Carlos Gonzalez' entire body, to apparently a muscle inbalance in his left hip that Troy Tulowitzki has had since 2008.

No wonder so many anxiety pills come in purple.

Current events in real life Rockies baseball not quite depressing enough for you? Well, take a trip down (horrifying) memory lane with Eric Garcia McKinley who gives us his take on the saddest play in Colorado Rockies history. Get out the kleenex.

For something that actually is a bit uplifting, I reccomend Nick Groke's piece on Michael Cuddyer traveling with the Grand Junction Rockies team and emersing himself in the comraderie that goes along with it.

Nice to see guys like Forrest Wall already picking up on a few things and there is also some speculation in there about Cuddyer's future that currently stands at a crossroads.

About a month ago I suggested that ROOT Sports should give Jenny Cavnar a shot at broadcasting from the booth. Now, Dusty Saunders at the Denver Post wants that opportunity for Ryan Spilborghs. I'm fine with either, though I still prefer my idea since Jenny has been doing media and TV for much longer. I say we compromise and stick them both in there!

Either way, since the Rockies can't seem to fix the product on the field, they might as well give us some higher quality entertainment in the booth. It's the little victories in life, really.