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Saturday rockpile: Another loss and hope for the future

Doug Pensinger

Here are your morning links to go with your cup of coffee (or other preferred beverage):

Johnny Cueto becomes MLB's first 15-game winner -

Getting in the news for the wrong reasons, the Rockies loss gives Johnny Cueto a little more ammunition in his fight against Clayton Kershaw for Cy Young.  With Troy Tulowitzki's injury, I wouldn't be opposed to Cueto winning the NL Cy Young and Kershaw winning the MVP if they keep pitching like they do.

Matt Belisle pitches well as starter in relief, but Rockies lose -

To face Johnny Cueto, the Rockies sent former Red Matt Belisle in as a substitute starter for Franklin Morales who had to leave to attend to his wife who was in labor.  Needless to say, Belisle tried his best but he and the rest of the team could not beat the Reds.

Corey Dickerson: Thanks "Splits" Page -

While focused on fantasy baseball, this article shows how and why Corey Dickerson is the real deal as a hitter this year.  As an unabashed Dickerson fan, this is just publicizing what I think Rockies fans already know and that is that Corey should be playing every day.

Lower level talent gives Rockies hope for future -

Rockies' assistant director of player development Zach Wilson feels that the positives in the farm system, to include David Dahl and Trevor Story, chase away some of the gloom from this season.  Personally, I am optimistic about some of the players on the farm but Mr. Wilson is crazy to suggest that what has happened on the farm can make me feel better about the Rockies quite possibly having their worst season of franchise history, the Brett Anderson experiment being a failure to this point, three of the top four starting pitchers lost for this season and maybe part of 2015, Troy Tulowitzki having yet another season-ending surgery, and one of the worst bullpens that I can remember seeing in my 30 years of watching baseball.

Tulo, Anderson undergo successful surgery -

Speaking of all of those injured Rockies, Walt Weiss says that two of them made it through the surgery room successfully.  Also, the Rockies and the Morales family are still waiting for a baby and there is information about how the Rockies are honoring Todd Helton this weekend.