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Purple Dinosaur Podcast No. 23: Happy Birthday and Happy Trails, Todd Helton

The guys talk injuries (yeah!), prospects (OK, that really is cool) and, of course, the biggest event of the week.

Justin Edmonds

On the Bryan Rekar Memorial Edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, we discuss the issue of retired numbers. Todd Helton celebrates his 41st birthday today, three days after becoming the first player in Rockies franchise history to have his number retired. Do the Rockies have anyone else deserving of that honor? (HINT: No.)

The Rockies announced this week that they'll be doing their own in-house podcasts, too. So ... whatever that means. We discuss that, Carlos Gonzalez's (latest) surgery, give you a bit of an update on prospects in the organization, and spend a large portion of the show breaking down this year's Minors Moniker Madness competition on

Catch the fever!

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