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Friday Rockpile: Walks are killing the Rockies

Walks are probably the worst aspect of watching major league baseball. Seriously, they're so boring. The ball isn't even put in play. Hell, the guy isn't even swinging the dang bat. They're so stupid that one time a team signed a dwarf to try to steal walks. Naturally, if it's bad baseball then the Rockies are walk aficionados.

Justin Edmonds

Free passes costing Rockies a lot of runs - Denver Post

Patrick Saunders wrote an insightful piece on the Rockies' frustrating inability to avoid walking hitters. It's a cardinal sin to walk hitters when your home ballpark is Coors Field, yet the Rockies lead the National League in issuing free passes. It's reason #857 for the Rockies' horrific year.

The Rockies have the second to worst BB/9 rate in the majors, and the second to worst K/9. Walking too many guys and not striking enough out? That ain't gonna put Humpty Dumpty back together. It all adds up to the worst ERA and the worst FIP in the major leagues. Ouch.

Adam Ottavino: Succeeding in Denver - Beyond the Box Score

But you have to celebrate the bright spots when they show up. Ottavino's had more of a solid year than a great one, but the words "solid" and "Rockies reliever" are rarely used in the same sentence. His fastball has really ticked up this year, and the slider is still one helluva weapon.

Kiszla - Losing 100 games could be the best thing to happen to the Rockies - Denver Post

Here's the latest hatchet job from Mark Kiszla. He's in classic form. I recommend you don't read it.

Around the League

The devastation of losing Garrett Richards - Fangraphs

Angels pitcher Garrett Richards destroyed his leg the other day, ending his season. Richards has always been one of my favorites--a guy with absolutely electric stuff who couldn't seem to put it all together. But he put it together this year, and it was awesome to watch. Baseball can be a cruel game.