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Saturday Rockpile: Walks are bad and so is Michael Cuddyer's hamstring

The Rockies struggle with walks. It might not just be the fault of the pitchers. Also, Michael Cuddyer is still dealing with an injury that might have prevented him from being traded.

Justin Edmonds

Most of the news from last night and this morning involves Michael Cuddyer and the nine walks given up by Rockies pitchers. The last article shows how fed up Mark Kiszla is with the organization. Here are your daily Rockies morsels:

Hamstring still swollen, but Cuddyer says no DL -

It does not look like Michael Cuddyer will be back this weekend like we originally thought. Who would have thought this training staff would misdiagnose a recovery timeline?

Michael Cuddyer hamstring injury lingers; Rockies pull him off waivers -

Proving that the Rockies cannot get a break from injuries this year, the team had to stop the one chance they had of getting a return on Michael Cuddyer by pulling him off waivers with teams uncertain of his injury status.  He cannot return to the waiver list again this year without the potential of being lost for nothing.

Command woes wreck Rox chances in loss to Fish -

Nine walks are never helpful, but neither is giving up a grand slam in the ninth when trying to mount a comeback. The one neat thing from last night's game is that Brandon Barnes' triple kept him in the lead for most pinch-hits in the majors.

Who has been helped and hurt the most by the art of pitch framing? -

Jeff Sullivan shows who has good catchers in the art of pitch framing and who does not. Probably not a surprise to many here, but the Rockies backstops do not fare well in his results.

Rox contend with another young Fish arm in Koehler -

A small preview for today's game with some talk about DJ LeMahieu potentially coming out of his slump.

Losing 100 games could be best thing to happen to Rockies -

We linked to this yesterday, but I wanted to give my own thoughts on it. Mark Kiszla hopes that triple digits in losses would wake up ownership to a management problem. But if that hasn't happened by now, the ownership isn't asleep at the wheel -- they are just plain dead. He doesn't even mention the best and only reason that the Rockies should win the reverse standings, which is gaining the number one pick in the draft.  I do agree with the sentiment, though, that Dan O'Dowd should have been at the Todd Helton ceremony. Perhaps Todd didn't want him there is the only reasonable excuse I can come up with. A couple of things that the team should have done for the ceremony: had a lot more former players, and had more Rockies workers seated on the field (well, that, and Todd should have rode in on the horse they gave him last year).