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Rockies lose 4-2 on Buster Posey walk off homer

Well that was another stinker

Thearon W. Henderson

The Rockies were dominated by a Giants starting pitcher once again. The bullpen was unable to keep runs off the board. The offense couldn't do its work on the road. Oh yes. It was classic Rockies baseball.

Anytime you get six innings of one run ball from Franklin Morales you have to count your blessings. He struck out six and walked one, so really this was a pretty good outing. But this was one of those days where "pretty good" doesn't cut it. Sometimes, when you are the Rockies playing a game on the road, you have to throw a god dang shutout to even give your team a chance.

There were some good parts. Corey Dickerson hit a mammoth home run that splashed into the bay in right field in the sixth inning. It tied the game up for a brief moment. It was his 20th home run, and it sure was majestic. 2014 might be a gigantic pile of turds, but the emergence of Dickerson is a small bit of consolation.

We then turned the game over to the bullpen stylings of Nick Masset, and it was predictably godawful. Seriously, can you remember a single time he had a good appearance? He promptly walked two guys, forcing Walt Weiss to go to Brooks Brown. Turns out he's a Rockies relief pitcher, not a Robert Frost poem. He gave up the Buster Posey base hit that plated the second run.

The inevitable was delayed when Santiago Casilla walloped Drew Stubbs to lead off the ninth inning. A couple pitches later Justin Morneau whacked a double into left center field, scoring Stubbs from first and tying the game at two. There was nobody out.

Of course he was left there. Nolan Arenado grounded to third, and after a Dickerson intentional walk Mike McKenry grounded into a double play.

If you were hoping extra innings were in the offing, then you were sorely disappointed. Juan Nicasio, starter turned reliever, would not get the game that far. The aforementioned Posey turned on a high and tight fastball and blasted it over the wall in left field. The Giants walked if off.

Listen, the Rockies are playing with half a team. Tulo, Cargo, Rosario, and Cuddyer are starters that can't play. Morales is a reliever pressed into starting duty. Who the hell thought Nick Masset and Brooks Brown would be on the team at the start of the year? So it's tempting to just throw up your arms and say "whatever."

So that's what I'm gonna do. Whatever.

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