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Sunday Rockpile: What should the Rockies do in the offseason?

Are the Rockies really going to field a competitive team in 2015? Should they?

Leon Halip

Patrick Saunders starts us off with some notes about how the Rockies got from spring training to this moment and what they need to do in the off season to address the concersn that have arisen. Here is a quote from manager Walt Weiss that I agree with that is bound to recieve eyerolls and worse from many a Rox fan:

If we can start next season exactly the same as this season, I would feel comfortable again," Weiss said. "I'm not saying that's going to be the case, (but) the personnel we started the season with, I felt very good about.

The difference heading into next season is that there are way more question marks on the pitching staff (and fewer on the hitting side of things) that absolutely need to be handled before the beginning of next season if they truly wish to be competitive. There is so much that can happen between now and then then I submit it is silly to make any grand proclomations about next season until we see what the plan is in the off season.

Mark Kiszla is feeding the trolls again.

In a much more interesting (to me, at least) read on something other than the same anger at Dan O'Dowd (though most people have no idea what his job actually is, including me) Saunders looks inside both the physical and mental struggle Carlos Gonzalez has been dealing with this season.

Turns out there is a mental element to hitting and these guys maybe aren't all just statistical means that will eventually be returned to ... though Rockies fans sure hope CarGo returns to his.