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Detroit Tigers 4, Colorado Rockies 0: Offense a no-show in lackluster affair

If you slept through all but the third inning of this game, you didn't miss much. Unless you like guys swinging and missing.

Leon Halip

The Colorado Rockies played this game like a team with nothing to win. Which I suppose is somewhat accurate.

Showing very little heart, the Colorado offense struck out 14 times. Surprisingly, the only Rockies hitter without at least one big fat K next to his name was swing-and-miss king Wilin Rosario.

The Rockies recorded three mostly meaningless hits.

Jorge De La Rosa actually pitched pretty well, faltering only momentarily in the third inning when Detroit scored all four of its runs on Rajai Davis' double, Ian Kinsler's hit-by-pitch, Miguel Cabrera's single, and Victor Martinez' home run.

Other than that stretch, De La Rosa was excellent and finished 6⅔ innings with six hits, those four runs, and six strikeouts.


This was as uneventful and predictable a baseball game as I've seen in all my years. The Rockies (bench) were soundly and quietly dismissed by a much better team and then the game ended.

The line on the graph below indicates the track of this game, the Rockies trend of ineptitude this season, and the fans growing level of anger with ownership and management.

Source: FanGraphs