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Saturday Rockpile: Lefty starter day

Apparently, baseball writers have decided that August 30th is lefty starter discussion day.

Norm Hall

Good morning fans of purple-clad baseball players.  Today's articles have an overall theme for the Colorado Rockies, making it easy to focus on the left handed pitching of Colorado.  Here is your smorgasbord of articles, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

How much extra credit should we give a young lefty starter? -

Eno Sarris doesn't seem to answer his own question but he does go into some interesting theories on how lefties survive, even thrive, while averaging more than a mile per hour less on their fastball.  I think he misses some major parts and I question his conclusions about less power pitchers because I think percentage-wise it should be the same but it is an interesting look at the topic.  Maybe this is why the Rockies tried to stockpile lefty starters for so many years.

Anderson named Texas League Pitcher of the Year -

Speaking of Rockies' pitching prospects from the lefty variety, this article announces Tyler Anderson winning the Pitcher of the Year Award for the Texas League and also states that the Rockies are not looking to limit Tyler Matzek's innings this year.  Good for Anderson, bad for Matzek.  Tyler Matzek has already put more innings on his arm than any past season and is only 23.  I would like to see them bring up Tyler Anderson and have them alternate starts to give experience to one and to not overthrow the other's arm.

Impact prospect ranking -

This is a series that has been going on for awhile but the latest version was tier 2 of pitching prospects.  John Gray and Eddie Butler made the first tier but Tyler Anderson didn't make either list.  Also on these lists for the Rockies are David Dahl and Ryan McMahon.

Rockies' Tulowitzki bent on playing shortstop -

On to non-pitching articles.  For those who never want to see Tulo traded, you better hope that the front office never decides to broach this subject with him.  In the article he states that he would rather retire than not play shortstop.  This was an afternoon article from yesterday so I apologize if you have already seen it.

Rockies' third baseman Nolan Arenado seeking second gold glove -

This will be an interesting vote for best defensive third baseman.  On the one hand, Nolan makes impossible plays and leads the league in double plays turned.  From the other side, though, he is only tenth in fielding percentage and has a lot of errors.  I can see it going either way, but if the vote is on wow factor, he is sure to win.