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Injuries, losses and embarrassment piling up for Rockies

The Rockies got bad news on Brett Anderson before a pitiful loss to the Diamondbacks.

Doug Pensinger

Well, last night was another disappointment for the worst team in baseball as they found yet another way to be embarrassed on their way to losing a game.  This time it was letting a guy steal home as the ball was being tossed back to the pitcher.  Add this to the three-run wild pitch and giving up three runs without a hit as low points to the lowest season of my recollection for this franchise.

Slow start, mental lapse doom Rox against D-backs -

I know Walt Weiss is trying to do the best he can with what he has been given and wants to protect his players, but his comments about Michael McKenry's little league-level mistake border on ridiculous.  Lobbing the ball back to the pitcher without checking the runner at third should not happen at the high school level let alone in the major leagues.  McKenry is a professional player and should be able to take flak in the media for such a gaffe.  Walt's statements make me feel like the right standards are not being expected of this team.

Some suggestions for the 2015 Rockies -

Paul Swydan gives his take on what the Rockies need to do to start turning their team around in 2015.  I doubt this will happen as the owners/front office want to blame being the worst team in baseball solely on injuries and think that the same team can be competitive in 2015 with just a bit more luck.  While I like some of his thoughts, I would keep Jorge De La Rosa instead of letting all three of the team's most expensive pitchers walk.

Rox lefty Anderson awaiting MRI results on back -

Talks of disc problems may mean that Brett Anderson's season is over when it feels like it never really began.

Rockies' Brett Anderson gets MRI, team fears he is done for season - Denver

Even more pessimism from Patrick Saunders on Brett's back.  How is that Anderson-for-Drew Pomeranz trade looking now to everyone?

Tulo allowing Rox to determine rehab speed, course -

This is not good news for my hope of seeing Troy Tulowitzki play when I make my annual pilgrimage from Missouri to Coors Field next weekend.  I wanted my daughter (and me) to watch Tulo play, especially with all of the rumors that he might not be there long term.

Kyle Freeland has 1.21 ERA in his first year in Rockies' farm system - Denver

Good news for the young draft pick but if you are like me you are just waiting for the bad news to happen.  The Rockies have drafted some talented pitchers of late and they have developed them well at Asheville and below.  The problem is that from Modesto on up, the team has issues with teaching pitchers how to be part of a rotation without getting injured and no one has been able to make the step up successfully since probably Ubaldo Jimenez.