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Friday Rockpile: Walt Weiss keeping the team focused despite the standings

Walt Weiss is keeping the team from quitting, and prospect Tyler Anderson is injured.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies manager Walt Weiss won't let his players go on cruise control - Denver Post

It's nice that the Rockies aren't quitting, but what else is he going to say? "At this point all we can think about are our beach houses in beautiful, income tax-free Florida"? I think not.

There are still a few reasons to stay with this team. Starts by Tyler Matzek and Jordan Lyles are must-watches, since their growth will have a direct impact on the 2015 team. Nolan Arenado is worth the price of admission by himself, since he seems to do something amazing each night. And...well, Dickerson and Morneau are still fun.

Rockies prospect Tyler Anderson leaves Drillers' game with elbow soreness - Denver Post

No. Just stop it. I'm not listening, LALALALA.

The team is calling it precautionary right now. But elbow soreness, combined with reduced velocity, combined with sudden hittability? I've seen this movie before, and it doesn't have a happy ending.

Maybe I'm jumping at shadows, and nobody has said the ommytay ohnjay word yet. But Anderson is seemingly the one Rockies pitching prospect to have an unambiguously excellent 2014. Surely we can't be robbed of him before he even gets here, right? Maybe it's just bad luck to be a left handed pitcher named Anderson.

Hit in face, Stanton has laceration, multiple fractures -

It's a dangerous game folks. Giancarlo Stanton--MVP candidate and one of the most exciting players in baseball--took a Mike Fiers fastball right to the face last night. He was carted off the field and taken to the hospital. There was no intent by Fiers, and he was distraught after the game, including tweeting a heartfelt apology. It's an unfortunate occurrence, but it sounds like none of Stanton's injuries are permanent.