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Saturday Rockpile: More insult and injury

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Playing in St. Louis against Adam Wainwright...the Rockies didn't have much of a chance and Matt Holiday's first inning home run turned that chance into minuscule.  Which also happens to also be the amount of writing being done about the Rockies right now.  The Denver Post has almost as many articles about the Miami Marlins's Stanton getting hurt (1) as they do about the Rockies (2).  Here is what is out there:

Rockies' 1B Justin Morneau finds stride hitting on the road too -

Leading the league, the national media can't even point at severe splits to knock this Rockies' hitter.  Of course, if the Rockies have a player doing well then...

Justin Morneau leaves latest Rockies' loss with injury -

No good turn this Rockies' season goes without injury it seems.  Morneau and Cuddyer both could be competing for batting champion if they get enough plate appearances.  In keeping with the theme...

Logan undergoes surgery on left elbow -

The Rockies' second biggest off-season acquisition to Morneau, reliever Boone Logan, had surgery on his elbow for the second year in a row.  Good thing he is getting $16.5 million on his three year contract.

Breakout trio taking place alongside Rox's stars -

Cody Ulm needs to watch his headlines, for a moment I thought this meant that Corey Dickerson, Charlie Blackmon, and Nolan Arenado were going on the 60 day DL to take their place next to Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez.  Talk about a near heart attack.  Thankfully, Cody meant that they are succeeding with their bats and give the team a potent lineup...when the stars get back to health that is.

The truth of rooting for a terrible team - The Hardball Times

A fairly decent article if you can excuse John Pascal for complaining after really only one full season of ineptitude out of his Rangers.  John can't really call himself a martyr in this cause until he tries rooting for the purple team in Colorado for a lost season that they seem to be having a lot of.

That is what there is to read, have a good weekend and, as always, GO ROCKIES!