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Sunday Rockpile: Afternoon addition

Justin Edmonds

Late is better than never and here is your Sunday articles on the Rockies.  The key theme is health today after yesterday being all about injuries.

Rockies expect first baseman Justin Morneau to return soon to lineup -

Stop me if you have heard this before, but the Rockies do not expect yet another injured player to miss much time.  With their track record on Troy Tulowitzki, Michael Cuddyer, etc. this year, I fully expect to hear that Morneau is done for the season when the team realizes he actually broke/seperated/dislocated (insert body part here).  Let us hope for Justin's sake that the team diagnosis is actually accurate for once.

Masset healthy, optimistic about future in majors -

Along with Boone Logan and Brett Anderson, Nick Masset was a gamble the Rockies took in their pitching staff on formerly injured players that might help the team.  Masset was the cheapest of the three and turned out to be the healthest, albeit not quite the most productive for the team this year.

Cuddyer runs bases with no hamstring issues -

Yet again a diagnosis that I fear will change with time.  Cuddy will probably wake up sometime in the next couple of days with the hamstring tightened up and miss another 15 days to the disabled list.  If the Rockies want to resign them, they better hope so, that way other teams will have even a bigger chance of forgetting about him.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and, as always, GO ROCKIES!