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Rockies pound Dodgers 16-2 in which things escalated quickly

Hey, that was fun

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

3:06 EST: Holy crap, early game early game early game, gotta get a game thread up, whewwww just in time.

3:14 EST: Charlie Blackmon singles. Nice start.

3:16: Josh Rutledge single; we got a rally going.

3:17: Justin Morneau big fly! 16th of the year! Great start to the game, and nobody out!

3:19: Michael Cuddyer double and Corey Dickerson single. Five hits and no outs to start the game.

3:20: Dickerson you DINGBAT. Caught stealing when the pitcher is already on the ropes?!

3:25: Haha, Wilin Rosario single, four to nil.

3:30: DJ LeMahieu failed safety squeeze? With one out? Oh well, it was a productive inning, can't really complain...

3:31: Haha, De La Rosa RBI single. First RBI in two years. What a start.

3:33: HAHA another Blackmon single, this inning rules.

3:40: Morneau with ANOTHER two RBIs, with a bases loaded single. That's five rib-eyes in the inning! Who does he think he is, Fernando Tatis? Rox up 8-0 in the first inning. You don't see that every day.

So anyway, today's game was fun. The Rockies pounded out 16 runs on 21 hits, a thrashing of the Dodgers so merciless that Adrian Peterson would be proud. Those eight runs in the first inning tied a club record. The hapless Dodger starter, Carlos Frias, now owns the dubious record of being the ONLY pitcher to surrender ten hits and record less than three outs. Since he's a young guy trying to find his place in the majors, I almost feel bad for him. But he's also a Dodger, so neener neener neener.

A survey of some fun lines tonight:

Charlie Blackmon: 5 for 5, four runs scored and two RBIs, including a home run.

Justin Morneau: 3 for 4, SIX RBIs, two runs scored.

Wilin Rosario: 2 for 4 with three RBIs

Josh Rutledge: 3 for 5 with two runs scored

Jorge De La Rosa: Six innings pitched, no runs, two hits allowed, and three strikeouts. Add an RBI single to the ledger as well.

Jorge was saddled with a huge lead before he even had to face his fifth hitter. Some people would lose focus and go on cruise control, which is a dangerous thing to do at Coors Field. Just two days ago the Dodgers scored eight runs in an inning. An 8-0 lead with eight innings to go at Coors Field is not a gimme ball game, no way. But DLR kept his foot on the gas and got an easy victory. I get all the rational reasons why the Rockies should have traded DLR at the deadline, but at times like these I'm glad we kept the guy around.

Juan Nicasio struck out the side in the seventh, and Rob Scahill mopped up the final two innings, allowing a couple runs.

The Dodgers were 0 for 8 with runners in scoring position. The Rockies were 9 for 16.

In a very silly season, this was perhaps the silliest game. But in a good way. This series victory over the Dodgers is nice, and will make the NL West race more interesting. You gotta take what you can get.

Take a look at this graph:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="450" width = "450" style="border:1px solid black;"></iframe><br /><span style="font-size:9pt;">Source: <a href="">FanGraphs</a></span>