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Sunday Rockpile: Compliments to the Butler

It's been an ugly season and the fans are sounding off, but last night's pitching performance from Eddie Butler still has some dreaming big for the future.

Dustin Bradford

Well, it's that time of year. No, not when Sunday baseball talk gets eaten alive by those who prefer pigskin, but time to get the consensus Rockies fan view heading into the off season. Patrick Saunders at the Denver Post responds to fan questions about the team and their future.

For this writer, it mostly amounts to an ill-informed complain fest. But check it out for yourself and decide. I'm sure for some it will be cathartic.

Want to relive only the bad and the ugly from this season? OF course you do. You are a Rockies fan and therefore a glutton for punishment. Check out Nick Groke's top 10 worst bloopers/moments of the year for a team that could have compiled a decent top 20.

BUt let's get to the baseball on the field where there was actually some good news last night. It is no more fair to read too much into one good start than it was to read too much into his poor debut and subsequent injury, but success at the MLB level is always better than the alternatives, and Eddie Butler got his first taste yesterday against the Diamondbacks.

Even one David Martin over at Rockies review found a bit of comfort about the future in Butler's performance last night.

Butler isn't the only call-up playing well. Cody Ulm takes us inside the excellent work being done on the diamond from Rafael Ynoa, one of the bright spots in a lost season.

And lastly, because it can't be avoided, Benjamin Hochman talks finances and ownership (in contrast to CU Boulder) and of course the party deck. Sigh, can this season end already so we can start talking off season moves?