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Thursday Rockpile: More smoke around Dan O'Dowd heading to Atlanta, Corey Dickerson is the Rockies' MVP

The rumors surrounding Rockies general manager taking a position with the Braves are heating up as a former colleague has reportedly been offered the GM job in Atlanta.

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Could Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd leave for Atlanta Braves? - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders has the latest on the rumors of Dan O'Dowd joining his former boss John Hart as part of the new Braves front office, with several sources, including one with the Rockies indicating that it is a possibility. Perhaps not coincidentally, these O'Dowd rumblings seem to be going similarly to how things go when the Rockies trade a player away, so at this point I wouldn't be shocked at all to see his tenure with the Rockies end this winter.

The 2014 MVP of every MLB club - Sports on Earth
Sports on Earth's Will Leitch picked the MVP for every team this season, for the Rockies he went with a choice that seems fairly obvious now but that no one would have picked at the start of the season, Corey Dickerson.

Rockies' Brandon Barnes made saving catch right after predicting it - The Denver Post
Now we know what Rockies outfielder Brandon Barnes was saying to the fans in left field at Petco Park after robbing a home run from the Padres' Rene Rivera in the eighth inning Tuesday night, and it was a big "I told you so." after he claimed to the fans he was going to rob a home run before the inning started.

Around MLB

Derek Jeter Isn't The Greatest Player Ever - Keith Olbermann
In this clip from his show on ESPN, Keith Olbermann does an excellent job of laying out the case that Derek Jeter is an overrated singles hitter who was somewhere between below-average and atrocious defensively whose counting stats are only as high as they are because he's retiring several years too late. I happen to agree with pretty much everything Olbermann says here.

Ranking the biggest potential X-factors for each MLB playoff team -
Tom Verducci ranks the X-factors for each of the 10 playoff teams, from J.D. Martinez in Detroit to Joe Panik in San Francisco.

The Tight NL Rookie Of The Year Race That Isn't - Fangraphs
At Fangraphs, Mike Petriello makes the case that Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom has significantly pulled away from the Reds' Billy Hamilton in the second half of the season and should be the overwhelming favorite for the NL Rookie of the Year award.