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Friday Rockpile: Morneau in a tight race for the batting title

Justin Morneau is in a dogfight with a couple of Pirates to take home the batting crown

Justin Edmonds

Rockies Justin Morneau battling to win his first batting title - Denver Post

Sure batting average isn't the best stat in the world, and sure Rockies players get a huge advantage in this race, but it's always fun when a Rockie succeeds. Justin Morneau has a solid chance of picking up the Rockies second batting title in a row, following up fellow former Twin Michael Cuddyer's .331 mark in 2013. In a year that has gone wrong, at least the Morneau signing has gone right.

Morneau will have to go all Captain Phillips on everyone and fend off a couple of Pirates to accomplish it. Right now he trails Josh Harrison's .319 mark by two points, and Andrew McCutchen is lurking with a .314 average. Patrick Saunders looks at the pitching matchups each player will face in the final days of the season. Hopefully Justin nails it down.

Around the league

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