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Sunday Rockpile: Fire and trade everybody!

Want to hear more about the coming dysfunction for the Colorado Rockies? We got you covered!

Doug Pensinger

Check out this fun read from Benjamin Hochman and (dammit) Mark Kiszla this morning, even though the conversation about Troy Tulowitzki and Derek Jeter makes me want to bludgeon myself in the head with blunt objects.

I would say that I can't wait for Jeter to actually retire so everyone can stop talking about it, but I know better than that. But at least one of the most overrated athletes of all time has provided inspiration to the Rockies best player.

Maybe Tulo should go to New York so he can go from being underrated to dramatically overrated.

Woody Paige writes a letter to the Atlanta Braves desperately bargaining for them to take Dan O'Dowd off the Rockies hands.It's kind-of funny but of course relies on the same entrenched dead dogma that these discussions have boiled down to. "But nobody in Colorado will stand in O'Dowd's way if he wants to join the Braves." Paige says. Be careful what you wish for.

Here is more from Patrick Saunders on the subject of the Rockies front office including several quotes from players given anonymously. I feel like someone trying to push grape jam up a sandy hill on this one so I'll just say again that if the Rockies fans manage to successfully run Dan O'Dowd out of town without pressuring any other changes then they get what they deserve.

On the bright side, Walt Weiss thinks next year will be a huge year for Eddie Butler. So, of course, Rockies fans are certain that he is doomed, broken, and will never be heard from again.