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Friday Rockpile: Various Rockies enjoyed their day off

It seems most outlets approve of the DLR deal, and Nolan Arenado and friends took in some golf

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Did the Rockies make the right move in re-signing Jorge De La Rosa? - Purple Row

Read our own RhodeIslandRoxFan's typically excellent and exhaustive review of JDLR's extension.

Rockies' signing of De La Rosa first step in rearming rotation - Denver Post

Patrick Saunders calls the deal a no brainer, but cautions that the rotation still has numerous question marks heading into 2015.

Finding baseball's most hopeless franchise - SB Nation

Rockies haters gonna hate Rockies. Nah, Grant Brisbee is good people, but he's claiming that the Rockies are the least likely franchise to do anything positive in the next couple years. Initial reaction: boooooo, he's just sore that the Rockies beat up on the Giants the other day. Further reactions: well, maybe he has a point. I mean, four straight terrible years will put a dent in one's confidence.

Nolan Arenado, other Rockies take in the action at the BMW Championship - Denver Post

Off days are few and far between for baseball players, so you have to make them count. Good for those guys to catch a pro golf event; those are always a lot of fun.

I've actually done a lot of thinking about this. Who do you think would be the best golfer on the Rockies squad? My initial thought would be Corey Dickerson. He obviously generates insane bat/club speed, and his preternatural eye-hand coordination would only help. But further reflection makes me think that he'd have sort of an outside-to-inside swing plane, generating a slice that might be difficult to handle.

Nolan's swing looks perfect for translation to the golf course. He keeps his shoulders square through the zone, leading to a center-field approach. That's obviously ideal for golf, where you want to hit it dead straight as much as possible. And he's no slouch in the bat speed department either.

Charlie Blackmon's compact stroke indicates to me that he would have excellent consistency with his short irons.

Carlos Gonzalez would either be hitting it 330 yards down the middle or shanking it halfway to Wyoming, depending on how he was feeling on that particular day.

From purely anecdotal memories though, it seems like pitchers are usually the best golfers. John Smoltz is a scratch golfer. When Zack Greinke was considering quitting baseball, he nearly tried to go professional in golf. Maybe pitchers don't have baseball swing mechanics too ingrained in them. Maybe their body types are better for golf (pitchers are typically tall and slender, which is ideal for golf; muscle-bound sluggers have a more limited range of motion). So maybe the best golfer on the roster is, say, Matt Belisle or someone.

Anyway. Sort of lost my train of thought there. Any other Rockies news?