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Reactions to Jorge De La Rosa contract extension

Twitter (mostly) likes it, guys.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

In case you've been sleeping for days or have been off the grid (either is acceptable!), the Rockies and Jorge De La Rosa agreed to a contract extension that will keep the veteran southpaw in Denver through 2016.

Most people who follow the team, whether it's on a professional or fan level, seem to love the deal. De La Rosa, who earned $41.5 million over the last four years with the Rockies and a few million on top of that, will pocket another hefty sum of money. It's good to see the Rockies willing to spend that money, though, and it seems they did so on favorable terms:

Side note (and hat-tip to Resolution): De La Rosa does not need a no-trade clause in his contract because by the time next season rolls around, he will have gained 10-and-5 rights. But hey, this deal is about as simple as you'll see these days.

One of our former writers has a nice nugget on just how much the Rockies will be forking over to De La Rosa:

But still, that's a small chunk of change given how valuable he has been. And, judging by some similar contracts that have been handed out, as well as the Yankees' need for pitching and interest in De La Rosa at the deadline, this doesn't seem all that inaccurate:

So, in closing, I'll have to go ahead and agree with this wholeheartedly:

Of course, not everybody feels that way. One Fangraphs writer isn't thrilled:

Fair enough. But what about a one-time Purple Row writer and current Mile High Sports producer? Does he like it?

It's hard to make everyone happy, particularly when you're a baseball team that hasn't won squat in half a decade. But the Rockies did well for themselves by re-signing De La Rosa -- that is, assuming they don't believe him to be their ace and will attempt to supplement the rotation with other pieces around him. Oh yeah, I already said that: