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Colorado Rockies Bloggers Panel: Saturday, Jan. 17 at El Charrito

Come one, come all to the Rockies Blogger's Panel. Come down and discuss the Colorado baseball club with writers from all your favorite Rockies blogs!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time again.

It's time for all you wonderful baseball addicts to come out to an event for you: the Rockies Blogger's Panel. Held at El Charrito (fantastic food and drink) at 2100 Larimer, just a few blocks from Coors Field, the panel will be made up of a bunch of really smart baseball people ... and also I'll be there!

From the official Facebook page:

It will be a roundtable, Q&A format so feel free to come, ask questions and otherwise chat about the Colorado Rockies!

Doors open at 2:30pm - Panel starts at 3pm

Richard Bergstrom - Rockies Zingers
Drew Creasman - Purple Row
Zach Marburgr - Mile High Sports
Michelle Stalnaker - RoxPile

So come heckle me (please!) or just ask hard-nosed questions that hold our feet to the fire. There is a lot going on in Rockieville these days, what with the new GM and so much speculation that can be had before any games are played. The comments section here suggests our readers have plenty to say! So let your voices be heard at the bloggers panel.

This Saturday, January 17th.

Who knows who you might run into?