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Friday Rockpile: Tulo to the Mets?!?!? Haha no

Another day, another non-story about a Tulo trade

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Monfort tells New York paper Tulo deal 'not happening' -

Do you like Tulo rumors? Do you like stories about Tulo rumors? Do you enjoy hearing the exact same thing we've been hearing all winter, that the talks are dead? Do you need the assurance of Charlie Monfort? And finally, do you care that the top story of the newspaper asking Monfort about Tulo is an in-depth examination of George Clooney's love life? Then you'll love clicking on that link.

MLB's all underrated team for 2015 - Sports On Earth

There aren't any Rockies on this list, but there are a couple former Rockies, and that counts in my opinion.

Padres' Petco Park selected to hold '16 All-Star game -

It looks like the All-Star game is going to the NL West and southern California in 2016. Watching the Home Run Derby should be fun; it'll be a bunch of muscled up hackers trying to hit balls through the marine layer and only reaching the warning track. It will be over in half an hour (thank god).