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Arbitration over early for Rockies?

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Today will be a quick Rockpile, as I am vacationing with my wife in Vegas for our anniversary.  It is full on arbitration season in baseball though, so I want to make sure you have all of the latest info.

Chacin, McKenry, Brothers agree to one year deals -

Only Wilin Rosario and Adam Ottavino remain eligible for arbitration, as the Rockies keep working off their standard plan of avoiding hearings.  I don't expect either to require arbitration, but if one does, I would expect it to be Rosario.

Rockies 2015 caravan set to take off next week -

For Rockies fans not living in the Denver area, the team might soon be coming to you.  Read this article to find out where you can meet Walt Weiss and some of the players prior to spring training.

Ball in play leadleaders and laggards -

Tony Blengino provides some advanced metric numbers for National League pitchers last year.  No Rockies make his initial bad or good lists, but Dillon Gee from the Mets has some bad peripherals.  In his second set of data we can see why Juan Nicasio struggled last year, and we can also see some hope for Tyler Matzek to progress if he can learn to get weaker contact on ground balls.

Which defenders make the plays they are supposed to -

This look into the crazy world of defensive metrics might give you a better understanding of them, or it might not.