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Sunday Rockpile: The Rockies have a damn fine infield

Slim pickings on Rockies news, but at least the Rockies infield is getting recognized.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Sunday. James Shields doesn’t want to play for the team that offered him $110 million, which very well might be the RockiesMax Scherzer rumors have been dead, and we’re all just waiting to see what happens with Dillon Gee. What else is there to talk about? Here’s a couple things to help pass the time.

Top 10 infields in MLB - ESPN

Buster Olney ranks the top 10 infields in baseball, and the Rockies get some deserved recognition by being the first ones on the list. While it's no surprise to Rockies fans that they have an elite infield, it's somewhat surprising to see the Rockies get national attention. Olney also has some nice words for Nolan Arenado, arguably the best third baseman in baseball: "Nolan Arenado, 23, is viewed as one of the best defenders at his position already, and has a perfect record: two seasons in the big leagues, two Gold Gloves, which is almost unheard of; typically, it takes young players at least a year or two to establish a reputation for defense strong enough to vault them into awards." Not only does Olney praise Arenado, he touches on the resurgence of Justin Morneau, the great defense of DJ LeMahieu, and, of course Troy Tulowitzki who Olney says is a "beast, offensively and defensively".

MLB's pitch clocks will ruin the game, unless they save it first - Brew Crew Ball

A handful of writers for SB Nation team blogs provide their takes on MLB’s interest in bringing the pitch clock to MLB. One player this would have a great impact on would be the Rockies own Jorge De La Rosa. De La Rosa is easily the most consistent starter for Colorado--but he sure takes his sweet time getting the ball to the plate. In 2014, De La Rosa had an average of 26 seconds in-between pitches, while the new pitch clock would limit Jorge to 20 seconds in-between pitches. Would this have an effect on his ability to succeed? Let’s hope we don’t have to find out.