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The Timeless Ticket: What would you use it for?

What if you could pay $1,000 right now for any future Rockies game? What game would it be?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Imagine a baseball world where you could attend a game -- just one game -- in the future, but you have to pay $1,000 now to reserve your spot. Would it be Game 7 of a future World Series? The next All-Star Game at Coors Field? Game 19 of any season on a random Wednesday against San Diego?

Such is the promise offered by the Milwaukee Brewers with their "Timeless Ticket." For a grand paid now, 1,000 Timeless Tickets are offered, which allow the bearer entrance into one home game in the future, with no expiration.

The Timeless Ticket is personalized, made of brass and is actually a pretty nifty desk ornament. It looks neat, includes the purchaser's name and the Brewers logo, and gives the holder numerous bragging rights. It’s a gimmick similar to when the Green Bay Packers offered "stock" in the franchise, which actually gave its bearers no rights, votes or other power but made for a great talking piece.

The ticket also grants the bearer nine additional regular season games, excluding Opening Day (come on, for a grand you can give me an Opening Day!). The real prize is the intrigue of purchasing a game in 2050, 2075 or beyond (no word on if it can be bequeathed). The best part about it is not knowing exactly which game you would go in for. It has a different value for different people. Maybe you’d use yours to see a retiring legend’s last game? Or to see a no-hitter (projected ahead of time, that is), or Dinger’s final homestand. Regardless of what the holder decides to do with the ticket, one thing is for sure: the idea is genius.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just buy a ticket to that game or at least season tickets, but still the idea has merit. If the Rockies were to bungle World Series ticket distribution again, you’d be set.

In fact, I may try to get one of the Milwaukee versions. It might be cool to have a stake in a future game at Miller Park, but maybe they ban Rockies (and all non-Brewers) fans from buying them.

So, if the Rockies were to offer a Timeless Ticket would you: (a) even be interested in it; and (b) if so, what future game(s) would you most like your stake in?

Obviously any Game 163 comes to mind. That would be worth a cool grand, especially for a repeat of a 13-inning thriller with numerous lead changes and that special Rocktober magic. Any meaningful game late-season game would be in play. Or, perhaps the retirement of Troy Tulowitzki, or a Game 7 (assuming they win; you’d be bummed if you wasted your TT on a crushing loss).

I’d like to hear your comments and ideas in the comments section. Perhaps we can get the TT here; we know the Monforts wouldn’t turn down the money and as a Timeless Ticket, the window of contention is limitless. I would definitely buy one to have the cool desk sculpture, if nothing else. Besides, in 2050, tickets’ll be a thousand bucks anyway. Put one of these on my Christmas/bucket list!