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MLB Draft 2015: Updated order

Below is the current draft order in the upcoming 2015 MLB Draft, which is always an exciting time for those of you out there who enjoy keeping up with our prospects.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

It's never too early to talk about the draft, especially for a team whose hopes are mostly placed on the shoulders of its young prospects. As such, here's a quick draft article to get you all thinking about the draft on June 8. First off, here's the 2015 draft order as it stands now:

Protected Picks

1) Arizona Diamondbacks

2) Houston Astros (failure to sign Brady Aiken)

3) Colorado Rockies

4) Texas Rangers

5) Houston Astros

6) Minnesota Twins

7) Boston Red Sox

8) Chicago White Sox

9) Chicago Cubs

10) Philadelphia Phillies

11) Cincinnati Reds

Unprotected picks

12) Miami Marlins

13) San Diego Padres

14) Tampa Bay Rays

New York Mets (forfeited for signing Michael Cuddyer)

15) Atlanta Braves

16) Milwaukee Brewers

Toronto Blue Jays (forfeited for signing Russell Martin)

17) New York Yankees

18) Cleveland Indians

Seattle Mariners (forfeited for signing Nelson Cruz)

19) San Francisco Giants

20) Pittsburgh Pirates

21) Oakland Athletics

22) Kansas City Royals

23) Detroit Tigers

24) St. Louis Cardinals

25) Los Angeles Dodgers

26) Baltimore Orioles

Washington Nationals (forfeited for signing Max Scherzer)

27) Los Angeles Angels

Compensation Picks (free agent lost/re-signed)

28) Colorado Rockies (Michael Cuddyer)

29) Atlanta Braves (Ervin Santana)

30) Toronto Blue Jays (Melky Cabrera)

31) New York Yankees (David Robertson)

32) San Francisco Giants (Pablo Sandoval)

33) Pittsburgh Pirates (Russell Martin)

Pittsburgh Pirates (Francisco Liriano)

34) Detroit Tigers (Max Scherzer)

Detroit Tigers (Victor Martinez)

35) Los Angeles Dodgers (Hanley Ramirez)

36) Baltimore Orioles (Nelson Cruz)

Competitive Balance Round A

37) Houston Astros (from Marlins)

38) Colorado Rockies

39) St. Louis Cardinals

40) Milwaukee Brewers

41) San Diego Padres

42) Cleveland Indians

So, just to recap, the Rockies pick at 3, 28, and 38 (and also 44 in the second round, giving the Rockies four of the top 44 selections). Who was taken at those positions in 2014, you ask? Carlos Rodon (White Sox), Foster Griffin (Royals), and Mike Papi (Indians). If you're not familiar with those guys, here's some perspective. Kyle Freeland was taken at 8 and Forrest Wall at 35. Pretty darn good as far as I'm concerned.

As you know, the organization's hopes are synonymous with health. A healthy Rockies team would be a sight to behold, but unfortunately would probably be a sign of the impending apocalypse. At the least, it seems unlikely. The Rockies, however, due to some shrewd drafting over the last few years and a good Latin America program, own one of the league's better pools of prospects to fill in the gaps caused by injuries.

We've got potential studs in Jon GrayTyler Anderson, Antonio Senzatela, Eddie ButlerTyler Matzek — I realize he had a solid year already, but I'd like to see him perform well over an entire season before I can confidently consider him a front-line pitcher — and Kyle Freeland. At least a few of our pitching prospects are going to pan out, I'm sure. And then we have guys like David Dahl, Ryan McMahon, Forrest Wall, Raimel Tapia, and Rosell Herrera. Sure, not all of them are going to pan out, but you've got to like what you see looking at our system. It's exciting to think about them playing in the coming years.

For now though, we talk about the 2015 draft. I'll be back to update this periodically with some mocks, but in the meantime who/what should the Rockies target?