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Purple Dinosaur Podcast seeking tracks from local musicians

Give us your music, please. We'll compensate you by giving you ALL THE EXPOSURE

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Much to your anticipation (or dejected dismay), we're just weeks away from the one-year anniversary of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Season 2 is going to be better than ever -- we hope, at least, since Season 1 set the bar at an acceptably mediocre and reachable height.

One of the things we're looking to do in Season 2 is sound a little different. We've used the same horrible rights-free music leading into and out of virtually every PDP episode to this point. Now, we want your music. We're going to aim to lead off every episode this season with local (preferably starving) artists or small acts looking for marginal exposure for zero compensation. Hey, it's a free podcast.

Are you a musician? Do you know musicians? Have you ever had a friend that you knew for 20 years or so send you a message on Facebook asking you to shell out $17 for their terrible LP? Do we have an offer for you!

First off, yeah, we're not paying. Sorry. HOWEVA, if you have some tunes you want to get a little plug for or know a musician who might, send them our way. Here's what we're envisioning:

-- The music you send will lead off and close out our episode (with 30 seconds of play at the front of the show and 60 playing us out or thereabouts)
-- We'll plug the name of the band and album and any other pertinent information
-- We'll tell people where they can find more information about your artist/group and any upcoming gigs or events your artist/group may have

Sound good? Sweet! Email your submissions to, and we'll have some fun with this. We've already got a couple of submissions for our next two episodes, but we'll be looking for a lot more as the season goes along.