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Rockies GM approval poll: How is Jeff Bridich doing thus far?

The Rockies have been mostly inactive this offseason under new GM Jeff Bridich. Is that bad, good or neither?

Just a few months into his tenure as Colorado Rockies general manager, Jeff Bridich hasn't done a whole lot. Outside of a few minor deals, all of which appear to at least slightly favor the Rockies, it has been as quiet as it's ever been at 20th and Blake.

But is that a bad thing?

That's what we're asking you. My belief is that the Rockies are positioning themselves to contend in 2016 and beyond, but they're doing so while counting on at least one or two of Jon Gray, Eddie Butler, Tyler Anderson and Kyle Freeland to become legitimate upper-rotation starters. Considering the history of this franchise, that might not be the best way to go about building a contender.

But, as we've seen with the Rockies' failed pursuit of free-agent players -- including the rumored offer to James Shields -- and potential trade targets over the last couple of offseasons, it may be the only way to go about building a contender. If Colorado's farm system is as improved and potentially impactful as many scouts and analysts suggest, the payoff could come in the form of several winning seasons near the back-end of the decade. If it isn't ... well, things can't get any worse than they are now, can they?

I'm afraid of what that answer might be.

At any rate, vote in the poll below, and if you have a comment that's more than a couple of paragraphs or so, I encourage you to create a FanPost. You might get promoted to the cover!

We'll try to do these polls toward the end of every month. The results will no doubt be interesting, regardless of what the on-field product looks like at the time the polls are conducted.