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Inside Rockies prospect Jon Gray's mechanics

Baseball Prospectus takes an in-depth look at Gray's successful first two professional seasons.

Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Rockies top prospect Jon Gray earned healthy praise from Baseball Prospectus authors Ryan Parker and Doug Thorburn, who went into an in-depth examination of the powerful right-hander's mechanics for a piece on the site.

The weak link in Gray's mechanics appears to be his ability to repeat them, but that might be the easiest thing to fix, especially when the Rockies take the training wheels off. That specific thing was mentioned by Parker and Thorburn, and should give Colorado baseball fans quite a bit of hope for the future when it comes to the team's 2013 first-round pick:

[Gray] is an advanced pitcher whose stats should be taken with huge grains of salt given his developmental agenda, which included sacrificing some velocity in the name of arm-side movement with the fastball as part of the right-hander's quest for weak contact, an element which will be critical when he is playing his home games in Denver.

That paragraph isn't necessarily news to the staff and readers of this site, but it's always welcome -- for me, at least -- to hear it from people that are much smarter and more in tune than I am. For Gray to still dominate hitters with a lot more professional experience despite purposely not pitching with his best stuff is incredibly promising. Fellow highly regarded prospect Eddie Butler wasn't able to do the same thing, a development that might tell us a lot about the future of each player.

Be sure to read the full piece, which includes multiple GIFs of Gray's smooth and relatively effortless delivery and also dissects the mechanics of several other top pitching and hitting prospects in the National League West.


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