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Thursday Rockpile: A new position for Wilin Rosario?

The addition of Nick Hundley combined with the lack of a trade means the Rockies catcher may soon be finding a new home on the diamond.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the links, I'd just like to note that I scoured the Internet for the better part of a half hour and Hayden Kane's piece on moving Wilin Rosario was the only shred of Rockies news I found that hadn't been used in a previous Rockpile, and it's a quite good piece at that. So props to Hayden for being the only writer on the web to have anything to say about the Rockies in the last 24-36 hours. (That's not entirely true, Dan Szymborski included a bit on the Rockies for his post on, but I didn't want to make an Insider piece the main point of a Rockpile.)

About keeping Wilin Rosario, about playing him at first base - RoxPile
Here is the aforementioned piece at RoxPile on the Rockies' predicament with Wilin Rosario. In the article, Kane concludes that if the Rockies do keep Rosario for 2015, the only reasonable course of action is to give him significant playing time at first base.

Biggest losers of the offseason - (Insider)
Szymorski includes the Rockies, along with the Reds, Royals and Tigers, on his list of teams having poor offseasons. He criticizes the Rockies mainly for their seeming lack of any sort of long-term plan, finishing off with this quote that I quite frankly can't argue with:

It says a lot about the franchise that its biggest positive move this winter was actually the Mets signing one of its players.

Around MLB

With 2015 in the books, a forecast of the next five Hall of Fame cycles -
After this year's blockbuster class, Jay Jaffe takes a look at the rest of he decade in terms of Hall of Fame voting, examining the fortunes of Ken Griffey Jr., Ivan Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, among others. Yes, Todd Helton is discussed briefly, but his candidacy is largely dismissed by Jaffe.

Winners and losers on Hall election day -
David Schoenfield has more reaction to the 2015 Hall of Fame voting, breaking down the winners and losers among those not elected, listing Curt Schilling and Mike Mussina among others in the former category and Jeff Bagwell and Tim Raines in the latter. Larry Walker even gets a passing mention as a potential winner.

Beyond the Box Score Writers Elect 7 Players to Hall of Fame - Beyond the Box Score
Much like we did at Purple Row, the staff at Beyond the Box Score conducted their own Hall of Fame balloting, putting together a very interesting class of seven inductees, including Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens (both of whom I voted for in the Purple Row voting.)