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Raimel Tapia added, David Dahl subtracted from AFL

Raimel Tapia is in and David Dahl is out for the 2015 AFL.

Caitlin Rice

Colorado Rockies outfield prospects Raimel Tapia and David Dahl are switching places for the upcoming AFL (Arizona Fall League), according to a report from MLB Pipeline on Oct. 8.

Dahl (PuRP No. 2) had a tumultuous season in 2015, dealing with a scary collision and the subsequent removal of his spleen only to return strong and be setback yet again by a minor knee issue. It is only speculation -- but one feels relatively safe with it -- to think that health is a factor in keeping Dahl out of the AFL. With an expected move to Triple-A in 2016, many Rockies fans were salivating at images of Dahl emulating Nolan Arenado from a few years ago by storming the AFL and then MLB not too long after.

Rockies fans will have to wait.

Excitement is not entirely lost however. The just-as-intriguing Raimel Tapia (PuRP No. 6) will take Dahl's place and give his unusual talents a push against the hardest competition the young phenom has faced so far. Tapia has managed to record more hits than games played over his last three seasons, suggesting he could use a look at something tougher. This should prove a fascinating test for the purest hitter in the Rockies system.

MLB Pipeline also announced that Tommy Murphy will no longer be participating in the AFL, presumably because of concerns over his recently injured shoulder.