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Fan boycotts, fan trades, and fantasy camps

Your daily dose of Colorado Rockies news, notes, and links from around the Interwebz.

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Happy Friday! Postseason baseball continues through the weekend and beyond. We're now off to the League Championship Series and baseball's Final Four. Yay! Anyways, as we like to do every day here are some Colorado Rockies links, news, and notes from around the web. Consider it our way of helping your Friday fly by via baseball procrastination:

Is Denver a die-hard baseball city, or are Rockies fans just kidding themselves? -- Mile High Sports

Michael Jaycox goes right for it in this one, pointing out what he sees as a moral conundrum in following the Colorado Rockies. Reacting to the ESPN Ultimate Standings that came out earlier this week, Jaycox writes: "I know I’m not the first to say this, and I most certainly won’t be the last, but if the Rockies are ever going to improve, us fans will have to improve, too. No more blind, unconditional support. If the Monforts want to fill their stadium day in and day out, we need to make them earn it."

Is he right? (Hit that poll below.)

Which MLB umpires performed the worst in replay reviews? -- Denver Post

This is a fun (depressing?) chart for baseball die hards. I won't tell you which umpire fared the worst in getting his calls overturned via replay, but I will tell you this: it wasn't Balkin' Bob Davidson. Or Angel Hernandez. Or Cowboy Joe West. Or Laz Diaz. I know. I'm shocked, too. (Also, it's not Mike DiMuro, either. And also also, Mike DiMuro is the greatest umpire in all of baseball, for obvious reasons.)

Jose Bautista bat flip reaction: 'respect the game a little more' -- Denver Post

Patrick Saunders has the rundown that a strong fan post on this site already captured, of course, but there is an added bonus to Saunders' post: examples. Saunders lumped together a variety of bat flip posts and montages via YouTube and Vine, and they are pretty fun to watch.

If you could be Rockies GM for a day, what moves would you make? -- Rox Pile

It's great to see Andrew Dill take over the editor gig that I occupied at Rox Pile right up until last week! He's a good dude and he'll do very well over there. He also has some fun in that post pondering the hypothetical idea of taking over the Rockies for a day. He, like yours truly, would make a lot of moves, maybe more so for the perception -- true or not -- that there's been too much standing pat the last few years. What about you?

Carefree throw, extended bat, and Blue Jays protest -- Close Call Sports

Speaking of that crazy game between Bautista's Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers, this link is pretty simple and accessible run down of the rule book as it relates to that crazy play between Russell Martin and Shin-Soo Choo that allowed Rougned Odor to score despite time being called on the field.

Colorado Rockies fantasy camps --

I saw this tweet come across my feed on Thursday afternoon:

So I clicked the link, and it took me to that fantasy camp page. I'm amazed by fantasy camps. They cost a ton of money (well, for me, at least). Is that a thing you would ever do? Has anyone out there ever done a baseball fantasy camp, whether for the Rockies or another big league club? Was it really cool, or really awkward?

I feel like it'd be awkward, but I have no frame of reference, so I'd appreciate any insight from those experienced in the ways of the MLB fantasy camp.

Also, I can't help but think of this whenever somebody mentions fantasy camp:

Kramer's life is a fantasy camp!

Anyways, about this poll... vote, and tell me your best fantasy camp stories in the comments if you got 'em.