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Your weekly roundup from the sports world and internet (MLB postseason edition)!

Welcome to the 27th Purple Row edition (and 132nd overall) of Tuesdays With Mitch, where the beer cans are always falling from the upper deck. Let's get into it...

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

So, I think I'm going to handle the Rockies' offseason a little differently in this space than I did during the season. For the past 26 weeks, I've written extremely funny and smart and fascinating and entertaining columns/posts/articles about happenings in Rockieland. Each post was generally followed by a smattering of other multimedia and links that I thought were worth sharing.

Well, things are mostly quiet at 20th and Blake these days. And while there's still Rockies-themed content worth reading each day, the (growing!) staff here at Purple Row has got that covered. There's a Rockpile each day, complete 2015 player rankings, Arizona Fall League updates, quick hits, Fan Posts, and a whole bunch of other stuff on the Rockies, former Rockies, and future Rockies. More offseason coverage than you can shake a stick at! (And do you really need my reaction to the Brooks Brown news five days after DeMuro filled you in)

So I think most of my content from this week onward will be things that I found funny or entertaining from around the sports world and internet. I'll be here each cold, dark Tuesday to help you waste some time while you pretend to work at your office or make you laugh when you pull out your phone on the toilet seat. Or couch.

Who knows, maybe we can talk some football/basketball/hockey in the coming months, too.

Now, that said, it figures to be a pretty eventful and extremely important offseason for the Rockies. So when things happen (like the glorious day we say goodbye to Jose Reyes), I'll be anxious to jump in and provide some commentary.

But hey! Baseball isn't done yet. And the postseason is here to help me provide plenty of material... So let's jump into some weekly departments:

Stud of the week:

The baseball game of the year (decade?) took place six days ago, so nothing about this Vine of Jose Bautista isn't particularly timely, but it was such a surreal scene, it still deserves mentioning.

Yes, that's an all-time great bat-flip and an all-time great homer and an all-time great Vine. Some other, non-bat-flip thoughts from this six-second clip that's been looped almost 19 million times:

  • How drunk do you think that big, bald fella in the white jersey is? Drunk enough to sense impending madness. Dude is watching the AB with both arms outstretched while leaning over the couple in front of him. Can't say I blame him.
  • Check out the cop (or whatever they call them up there) who gives a quick glance over his shoulder before turning his back and delivering a satisfied fist pump. This is an appropriate reaction for an on-duty law enforcement official.
  • Also deserving of my props is the lone photographer (red shirt; corner of his photogropher cove) who stops shooting and stands to admire the scene with his eyes instead of his lens. Way to stop and smell the roses, guy!
  • Worst person in this Vine: dude at the very end in the front row who remains seated. Just chillin'. Looks bored. I suppose he could be a Rangers fan.

And this video, of a little, mini-Bautista is just about the coolest fan-made video I've ever seen.

Sports aren't always good, but when sports are good, sports are the best.

Last thing from this game: I loved this gamer from Bruce Arthur. It includes this perfect paragraph:

And with men at the corners and two outs and a 1-1 count and the building on its feet, Jose Bautista smashed a 97 mph Sam Dyson fastball 442 feet to left, a rocket, gone. He stood there, 34 years old, and he watched it go and looked at the pitcher and pursed his lips and flipped his bat aside like a king, like he would never need it again. They may erect a statue of that bat flip. It was the biggest home run in this building in 22 years, and you will tell your friends about it, and you will laugh in disbelief, years from now. Holy bleep, you’ll say. The sound was a crack, whole and pure, and then the raucous end of the world.

Arthur wrote that on a deadline!

A few hours later the Royals clinched their own ALDS. Kendrys Morales' celebration after his game-sealing homer isn't getting enough run. This is a very baller skip.

The other stud of the week should probably be Daniel Murphy. I love this heads-up play that won the Mets their series over the Dodgers. Check out the simultaneous reaction from the third base coach, the third base umpire and Greinke. That's my favorite play of the year. (If you don't know the background, Murphy was jogging to second after a walk. The Dodgers had a shift on, and nobody was near third base. He scored on a sac fly during the next plate appearance.)

Ass of the week:

This seems like a little much, buddy:

Vine(s) of the week (non-Bautista division):


First, from the Royals' postseason celebration:

Angle 1:

Angle 2:

Second, I have no idea what is happening here or where it comes from or why this would ever take place. Sounds painful, though.

Tweet of the week:

From last night... this is funny because the Royals play in Kansas City, Missouri.

Some other stuff from around the internet:

So the college football game of the year happened Saturday. I don't have a dog in the fight, but man! That was somethin'! I'm sure you've seen the highlights, but I'm putting the original TV broadcast of the final play in here because I love Dan Schulman's call. Goes nuts; goes silent.

That's 39 seconds of silence from the booth immediately following that wild, wild play. Just let the atmosphere take care of itself. That's how it's done. This concludes today's sports media lesson.

More from this game! Here's a grown man weeping uncontrollably because a collection of 20-year-olds he's never met didn't do football as good as the other collection of 20-year-olds he's never met. (via Facebook user Scott Edwards.)

Although I'm feeling hurt and a lil salty, I'm not nearly as bad as homeboy that was next to me in the stadium! Lol

Posted by Scott Edwards on Saturday, October 17, 2015
Aaaand here's an entire news report about Michigan winning (you'll notice... they did not.) from shortly after the game ended. (via Facebook user Tom Clyde)

Someone has some explaining to do.

Posted by Tom Clyde on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Large Russian man Timofey Mozgov has a commercial for something called Sky Zone and it is very important that you watch it immediately.

Yeah; this is a pretty good point:
Here's your catch of the year. It comes from Stanford's Francis Owusu during the Cardinals' Thursday night blowout of UCLA.

Some links I enjoyed this week:
And finally, this "Tecmo Bowl Edition" of the colts' now-infamous fake punt attempt gave me a few good chuckles. (via SI's The Cauldron)

Happy Tuesday, everybody. Thanks for readin'. See ya next week.


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