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Rockies manager Walt Weiss upset by lack of recognition for Nolan Arenado

Bryce Harper is the likely MVP in the National League, but Walt Weiss believes Nolan Arenado isn't getting the recognition he deserves.

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Weiss frustrated by lack of Arenado MVP love -

There’s no doubt that Nolan Arenado is one of the best players in the National League. He currently leads the league in home runs, RBI, total bases, and extra-base hits. Unfortunately for Arenado, there’s a man (kid?) named Bryce Harper who still sits in the spotlight. Bryce Harper leads the league in batting average, slugging, runs, and is tied for first place in on-base percentage. Arenado, whose home park is Coors Field, will constantly have that cloud over his head when it comes to MVP votes, which really isn’t fair. Walt Weiss agrees. Whether or not Arenado deserves the MVP depends on what stats you put stock in. Regardless, Walt Weiss sums up his argument well, "I just wish that people would give Nolan's defense the credit it deserves, and the [offensive] numbers are just too big to ignore."

Game 162 excitement rankings - Sports On Earth

Well guys and girls, this is it. This is the last Rockies game of 2015. High fives to everyone who was stuck around this long. Of the 15 games tomorrow, the Rockies at Giants game ranks 12th. No surprise there, as both teams are playing for nothing. Be sure to enjoy this one, though, as we will all surely be hit the realization Monday morning that there’s no more Rockies baseball until Spring.

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Adam McFadden discusses DJ LeMahieu, who had an underrated 2015 season. LeMahieu increased walk rate and 40-point jump in BABIP lead to an extremely successful season as the plate, where he’s hit .302 heading in to today’s game. LeMahieu has also improved with his base stealing, successfully swiping a base 88 percent of the time, as opposed to 60 percent before 2015.