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Tuesday Rockpile: Judgement day has arrived for Walt Weiss

Walt Weiss should learn his Rockies fate today.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There's nothing new to report on this front yet, and I'm not sure we'll get an announcement today, but we will move one step closer to an answer regarding Weiss' future with the Rockies as he's scheduled to meet with Jeff Bridich this afternoon. If Weiss is axed, he will join (former) Padres manager Pat Murphy and (former) Nationals manager Matt Williams as skippers fired following the 2015 season. Here's the piece from Patrick Saunders on this subject from Sunday:

Walt Weiss to meet with Jeff Bridich Tuesday about his Rockies future - Patrick Saunders / Denver Post

In other Rockies news as far as on the field personnel is concerned ...

Fixing pitching tops to-do list in offseason for Rockies - Patrick Saunders / Denver Post

The pitching obviously needs massive repairs, but I'm not sure there will be much done to it as far as bringing in outside help in 2016, or at least not established, veteran starting pitching many fans are looking for. If the front office is going to fully commit to a nuclear rebuild, there will be lots of young arms getting starts next season. Young arms that are either already in the organization, or young arms that will be traded for this winter and try to prove themselves next spring. The end of 2015 Reds are a good example of how the Rockies might try to handle their starting rotation in 2016.


How should the Yankees handle Keuchel? - Bryan Hoch /

The playoffs start today, and it could kick off with what is always one of my favorite days of the year - The day the Yankees get eliminated! You can catch all the action tonight on ESPN at 8:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. MT as Masahiro Tanaka takes on potential Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel (who will be pitching on short rest) from the Bronx.

Astros, Yanks begin playoffs & Mendoza makes TV history - Doug Miller /

This game will also see a bit of history made in the broadcast booth as Jessica Mendoza will become the first woman to broadcast a nationally televised post season game. So far, she's done a very nice job on ESPN's Sunday night baseball, so I wouldn't expect tonight to be any different.

Yankees' CC Sabathia checking into alcohol rehab - Ryan Hatch /

In other less fun news concerning the Yankees, CC Sabathia has checked into an alcohol rehab center and will be unavailable for the post season if the Yankees make it past tonight's game. Sabathia should be praised for his decision to get this under control and do what's best for him and his family, but it's unfortunate that he has to do this at all.

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I'm not even going to try to make post season predictions here as this is always one of the most unpredictable things in sports (feel free to try and guess your way through the field in the comments section), but I will tell you about a dream ... err ... nightmare I had regarding them last night.

The Blue Jays were facing the Cubs in the World Series, and the Cubs won in five games. That's not the nightmare part though. After the game, Tulo was sitting in the visitors dugout in the exact same spot he was after he was traded this July looking all sad again. That would be a very bizarre, and now not impossible fate to essentially have his season with a team end in heartbreaking fashion twice in the same place in the same year.