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Walt Weiss to return as Rockies manager in 2016

Despite posting the worst winning percentage of any manager in Rockies history over his three year tenure to date, Walt Weiss is getting another shot at the job in 2016.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Walt Weiss will return as the Rockies manager for the 2016 season.

In October of 2013, the Rockies signed Weiss to a three year deal. With today's news, he'll likely play out that contract to its conclusion. In other words, the Rockies didn't re-sign Weiss as much as they just decided not to fire him for the time being.

However, given the lack of an extension here, his in game tactics, and the likelihood of the Rockies posting a terrible record again in 2016, I have a hard time seeing him back in 2017 and beyond. Or to put it another way, even with this news, it's still extremely unlikely Weiss is the manager of the next winning Rockies team.

Instead, they will just cling to a piece of their past for another summer. (Hopefully this isn't a sign they are backing down from nuclear rebuild ideas. Not after they moved Troy Tulowitzki and headed down the road of no return.)

According to reports from this weekend, Weiss and GM Jeff Bridich met today to discuss his future with the team. Boy would it be interesting to hear from a fly on that wall.

If recent Purple Row polls are any indication, this won't be a popular move:

Weiss poll

We'll have more on this story here at Purple Row as more details become available in the coming hours and days.