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Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado shines in tough season

Nolan Arenado's breakout year was a highlight in a sub-70 win season in Colorado.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Nolan Arenado big season leads 2015 Rockies |

Arenado showed signs last year by hitting for a high percentage of line drives. He doesn't walk much, but hits line drives and tape-measure home runs. He was every bit as powerful away from Coors as at home.

Rockies bid individual farewells to individual fans (video) | Mile High Sports

But before they take off completely for their homes in Arizona, Florida and elsewhere, the Rockies have decided to individually bid farewell to some lucky individual fans. The players, along with the team PR, put together these heartfelt sendoffs via Twitter.

MLB Postseason News

Cubs 4, Pirates 0: Jake Arrieta Leads Cubs To Wild-Card Win... On To St. Louis! - Bleed Cubbie Blue

Jake Arrieta is our soul-mender. He was utterly magnificent in throwing the first-ever postseason shutout with double-digit strikeouts and no walks.

ALDS Game #1 Preview: Rangers @ Blue Jays - Bluebird Banter

There has finally come a time when a playoff preview about the Blue Jays is not a piece written for merely amusement's sake. At 3:37 today, David Price will hurl the first pitch of postseason baseball that the city (and country) has seen in 22 years.

Astros Series Preview: American League Divisional Series - Royals Review

The Astros got off to a terrific start and by the time they hosted the Royals in late June, they were in first place. A sweep of the Royals gave tied them with Kansas City for the best record in the league.