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The Rockies have decisions to make as baseball's hot stove gets going

Ready or not, it's rumor mill time. Isn't this a fun time of year?

The Rockies have some decisions to make this winter.
The Rockies have some decisions to make this winter.
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Ready or not, the hot stove is upon us, and the Colorado Rockies — like everybody else — are going to be involved in all kinds of rumors, murmurs, reports, and stories from "sources." Fun!

In fact, some fun was had last night with the Braves:

Braves discussing Andrelton Simmons trade with NL West club | MLB Trade Rumors

Nothing ended up happening, but here's what we know now: the Atlanta Braves have been discussing (intensity levels vary) some type of trade with a National League West club, and it allegedly involves Andrelton Simmons. The Giants were ruled out by their own beat writers, and other reports indicate the Padres may not have interest (but they would have a need for a shortstop). You don't think... Nah, it couldn't be. Right? .....Right?

Will the Rockies actually trade Carlos Gonzalez this winter? | RoxPile

Andrew Dill of RoxPile takes a look at the likelihood of a Carlos Gonzalez trade this offseason and what the Rockies would be looking for in any potential return for him. He also touches on what the Rockies might do in free agency and what a Gonzalez trade would mean for the big league club today.

Jose Reyes trade was unlikely even before his domestic violence arrest | Mile High Sports

Gil Whiteley had Thomas Harding of on his radio show to discuss José Reyes and the repercussions of his recent arrest from a baseball perspective. Harding says the Rockies were never likely to trade Reyes, as there was little interest around the league.

If Relegation Existed in Baseball | FanGraphs Baseball

Fangraphs looked at what would happen if baseball had relegation similar to what you find in the European soccer leagues, where the three worst teams are sent down to a lower tier and the best three from that tier are brought up. Lucky for us, relegation is not real, because otherwise we would be watching a Triple-A ball club next year. [Insert Rockies joke here.]

Baseball Prospectus | Minor League Update: Games of Wednesday, November 11th

Words on Raimel Tapia from a prospect observer who Tapia has not yet convinced: "Just trollin’ me at this point with his third straight multi-hit game on a night I write the Update."

MLB Free Agent & Hot Stove Tracker |

This one isn't Rockies related, but a great resource for tracking the moves being made across the league this offseason, will be especially useful when the winter meetings roll around.

Big free-agent contracts not worth it long-term | Sports on Earth

Nine free agents are projected to receive contracts worth $20 million per year or more this offseason, and Will Leitch takes a look at what that could mean for the clubs who sign them, and how these contracts often backfire.

Revisiting ZiPS and the Rockies - The Hitters | Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball

Adam Peterson of Rockies Zingers looks back at what the ZiPS projections had to say about the Rockies offensively in the preseason and how well it matched up to reality. The Rockies performed surprisingly well considering their record, with only two players under performing.

Ranking The Rockies: 31 Tom Murphy | BSN Denver

Jake Shapiro of BSN Denver looks at Tom Murphy's time with the Rockies this season and what role he could play with the team going forward.