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SB Nation MLB Awards 2015: Rockies Defensive Play of the Year nominees

This category promises to be dominated by a certain Gold Glove third baseman.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Do we even need to vote for the winner of this category?

We all know what the Defensive Play of the Year was for the Colorado Rockies; the only question is whether it was the Defensive Play of the Year in all of Major League Baseball. I say it was, but again, this is a Rockies blog, so perhaps my opinion is a bit biased.

At any rate, just look at it. LOOK AT IT.

Degree of Difficulty: 10

Style: 10

Handsomeness of Player Involved: 10

Grit: 11

You get the picture. This play wins, always and forever. However, because I know many of you are contrarians, and because we are contractually obligated to take this to a vote, let's look at the other candidates for Rockies Defensive Play of the Year ... I guess.

Brandon Barnes' diving grab

Barnes did on this play what Arenado couldn't do on the "tarp grab:" finish the double play. A Herculean effort, sure. But play of the year? Well, I guess I'll let you decide.

Troy Tulowitzki's double play

This was a certifiable "good play." It's too bad this guy doesn't play for the Rockies anymore because he's pretty strong at the game of baseball. Oh well.

Nolan Arenado just being good at third base again

... and again


We're lucky. Sure, it would be nice for this kind of defensive wizardry to be accompanied by a winning team, but still ... we're lucky.