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The Ghostfinger Show: The Fickle Finger of Fate

In which Cam flips off the country and then has the audacity to talk about the Arizona fall league, Jose Reyes and domestic violence with Ted.

This is the fourth episode of a podcast that is hosted by two people who are technically Purple Row writers, who were formerly known as Goeldfinger and The Ghost of Marv Throneberry.

Topics covered in this episode include, but are not limited to:

- The Middle Finger Heard Round the World (or, The Shame of a Nation)

- The Arizona Fall League

- Jose Reyes, and domestic violence in general

- The Buffs just can't catch a break

- Brock & Roll is here to stay

- Cam loves Cam (Newton)

- Ted hates twitter likes

Sometimes we have a guest on the show, and sometimes we answer listener questions, but we didn't do any of that this time.

You can follow us on Soundcloud if you like this sort of thing.