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2015 SB Nation MLB Awards: Rockies Celebration of the Year

Yes, it's OK for a team that lost 94 games to celebrate every once in a while. Here are some of the best.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies didn't have a lot to celebrate about overall in 2015, but there were some memorable moments that produced joy from the local nine.

On Wednesday night, we took a vote to see which Rockies defensive play was the best of the year. There's no category for offensive play, but many of the ones that could qualify for that ended in memorable celebratory actions either by the team as a whole or by the achieving individual.

I should note that a huge inspiration for this category was Jose Bautista's memorable bat throw during the American League Division Series. The Rockies aren't really a bat flipping team, aside from Carlos Gonzalez's patented drop of the bat with each home run (and he hit a lot of those this year!), so some more toned-down celebrations will have to do.

Here are the Rockies' nominees for Celebration of the Year:

Troy Tulowitzki's go-ahead homer vs. Dodgers

Ah, the good old days. On June 2, Tulo hit a massive homer off of Dodgers reliever Yimi Garcia to give the 23-27 Rockies a 7-5 lead late in a game at Coors Field. As is usually the case when Tulowitzki hits a clutch homer, the bullpen blew the game, but for a brief second, we got to witness the type of fire that Tulo, when at his best, can bring to a contending club.

Tommy Kahnle strikes out Bryce Harper

Kahnle didn't spend a whole lot of time with the big league club in 2015, making just 34 appearances. But for a brief period of time, Kahnle served as the Rockies' closer, and one of his two saves ended in memorable fashion. Colorado was well out of it at that point, but it was cool to see Kahnle get amped up over a big out against the NL's best player.

Carlos Gonzalez's walk-off homer vs. Dodgers

CarGo had a big go-ahead homer that produced an epic bat drop against the Dodgers in L.A. earlier in the season, but this blast—his 39th of the year, and on the team's final homestand of the season no less—resulted in a better team celebration.