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The offseason is in full swing

Rex Brothers has some thoughts on his departure from the club and Nolan Arenado is noticed in yet another national article.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the 40-man rosters of all 30 teams were set for the Rule 5 draft, with the Rockies making four moves that have been thoroughly analyzed here and elsewhere. This, as well as the impending Winter Meetings mean that the offseason is in full swing.

Rex Brothers shocked by Rockies' move, but confident in bright future - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders has some good quotes from Rex Brothers about his DFA. He seems more shocked about the move than many of us, including myself were. Hopefully Rex can figure things out and land on his feet somewhere else, he certainly has the natural ability to be successful in the big leagues.

Rockies' Brandon Barnes on 'Rock Talk' |
The Rockies official site had a fun video interview with the newly resigned Brandon Barnes and his daughter Kennedy--as well as her two new fishies, which she was quite excited to talk about-- asking him about his offseason plans and favorite Thanksgiving dish.

Stanton, Chapman lead Statcast All-Star team |
Nolan Arenado made's inaugural All Statcast team, which is described by creator Mike Petriello as a list of "really good players who stood out in a new, interesting way." The list also features Aroldis Chapman, Giancarlo Stanton and Dee Gordon among others. Petriello seems quite high on Arenado, raving about him on offense in addition to somewhat routine raves about his defense.

Colorado Rockies need power arms on the mound | BSN Denver
Chris Schmaedeke argues the Rockies need power arms in the rotation in order to find success and says that Bridich should look to the 2009 pitching staff to serve as his blueprint. It's an interesting argument and one that should create some interesting discussion.

Ranking The Rockies: 24 Brooks Brown | BSN Denver
Jake Shapiro looks at Brooks Brown and his season for the Rockies. Included is a clip of Brown striking out Ben Revere with the bases loaded back in May. It's a fun moment to look back on as he heads to the Dodgers. We wish him all the best in LA (except against the Rockies!)

Highlight of the week from here at Purple Row:

Ben Hochman misses Denver, but he's home in St. Louis—and yes, he still hates Dinger - Purple Row
Our very own Bobby DeMuro caught up with former Denver Post columnist Ben Hochman and debated Seinfeld episodes, reminding us that they are old (Seinfeld ended less than a month after I was born, so I can make this claim), among other things, including the noble crusade to eliminate Dinger. Check it out if you haven't already!