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Weekly Roundup, World Series Edition

Welcome to the 29th Purple Row edition (and 134th overall) of Tuesdays With Mitch, where the offseason is officially upon us. Let's get into it...

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(As noted before, the "writing portions" of some of my offseason posts will be brief. There's just not much going on with the Rockies yet and the staff here at Purple Row is covering the ins and outs of the offseason better than I can in this weekly format.)

Since my last post a week ago, the World Series has started... and concluded. Five games in six days. Four Royals wins. Baseball is over. So I'll start this week's post with a smattering of some of my favorite stuff from the too-short Fall Classic.

But first, I should send some congratulatory props to the resilient, relentless, irrepressible Royals. I don't think I've ever seen a team in any sport that had a knack for finding ways to win games the way those guys did. They were fun to watch all postseason long. Their lineup was talented and went nine-deep. They didn't swing and miss. They didn't strikeout. They won games by putting the ball in play. They turned the World Series into a series of battles between bullpens, which they just don't lose.

I've come to embrace the sabermetric and analytical side of baseball, but there is absolutely something to be said for a team that just finds a way to win. The Royals just proved that with a world championship.

Here's hoping the Rox can emulate the Royals' rebuild and someday we'll all experience what Kansas City just did.

Anyway, a whole week ago in Game One, the Royals won in 14 innings. It was a pretty fun way to kick things off.

The key moment came when Alex Gordon hit a game-tying homer of Jeurys Familia in the ninth. Eric Hosmer's error was the reason the Royals were behind and I loved his split-second reaction when Gordon went deep.

He later found Gordon in the dugout and requested a f(rea)king hug.

The first game was also notable because of the technical difficulites Fox had in the middle of the game. Not an ideal situation, but at least it provided more mileage for the Pete Rose meme thing. I think this had me in tears.

Game Two was the Cueto Show. He threw a two-hit complete game. Nothing to see here.

The Mets won Game Three with a little assist from Franklin Morales's fielding. This gif cracks me up. Poor Frankie. (gif via

Game Four was another exciting, late-inning win for the Royals. I don't have any fun media from this game because I went to a football game earlier in the day and it was Halloween and my social media skills were sub-optimal by the time the late innings rolled around. Apologies.

Before the Royals won it all in the fifth game, we were treated to this awesome National Anthem from New York firefighter Frank Pizarro. Once in a while an anthem can hit me and give me all sorts of proud American feels. This was one of those moments. It's great and I encourage you to watch it.

Game Five was essentially won by the Royals when Hosmer raced home from third on a routine grounder to David Wright in the ninth. Hosmer should have been out by about by about ten feet, but Lucas Duda made an awful throw home.

(That last tweet is in reference to this.)

The game was tied. It was a battle of the bullpens. And we all knew what that meant...

Again, congrats to the Kansas City Royals.

Now we proceed to the weekly departments:

Ass of the week:

Let's go with the Mets' infield because their crappy defense throughout the World Series made the baseball season end two games before it had to. Not very nice of them.

Stud of the week:

Justin Turner kicked a game-winning field goal and then did this.

If that's not studly, I don't know what is.

Vine(s) of the week:

I wish we had better video of this sequence of events and a better idea of just what is going on, but I guess we get the picture. Looks like fun!

Tweet of the week:

These two men are strangers who happened to be on the same flight.

And a bunch of other stuff from around the internet:

Hey look at this big pumpkin.

And in GIF-form:

You only need to watch the first eight seconds of this video, but I'm pretty sure a deer just scored a goal. SPEED NEVER HAS A BAD DAY!

This Weird Al sports press conference parody isn't great, but it has its humorous moments.

The Broncos were on Sunday night football, so that means they got Fallon's "superlatives" treatment. Manning's is the best.

Some links worth sharing from the past week:

And finally, Jimmy Kimmel released his annual montage of crying kids last night. What a great tradition.

Happy Tuesday, everybody. Thanks for readin'. See ya next week.


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