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Potential American League landing spots for soon-to-be free agent Wilin Rosario

The Rockies' former catcher/1B/DH has long been thought to fit significantly better in the American League.

Wilin Rosario will likely be playing in the AL in 2016.
Wilin Rosario will likely be playing in the AL in 2016.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It's Monday! A day to get back into the swing of things after a long weekend! Welcome back to the daily grind! Happy Monday! LOVE Mondays!! A real opportunity to start an impactful week! Business! Wheelin' and dealin'! Woo freakin' hoo! Mondays! LOVE MONDAYS!!!

News, notes, and links for a slow news day around the Colorado Rockies on Monday, November 30, 2015:

Could former Rockies' slugger help Cleveland Indians offense? —

As Wilin Rosario comes down to the end of his ten-day period in DFA limbo, and is likely on the final hours of his career with the Colorado Rockies, fans and media around baseball are jumping in to speculate about possible fits. Obviously, the American League is (or, ought to be) Wilin's next home, so we'll see if Cleveland is a place he may find himself. We'll all know soon enough!

Top ten third basemen in MLB — ESPN (Insider $)

Nolan Arenado is on this list! He clocks in at number two, if you don't have ESPN's Insider subscription. If you do pay for the subscription, that link is well worth a rundown of the very best third basemen in baseball, and only further proves what we all already knew: Nolan is a stud.

Hard-hitting Ozuna should be highly sought after in trade —

This is going to be an interesting rumor mill to follow. Obviously, the Rockies' plans with Carlos Gonzalez and maybe Charlie Blackmon will depend on how Marcell Ozuna's trade market comes together (or doesn't come together) during (and after) the Winter Meetings. Any team that's looking for an outfielder and picks up Ozuna is one less team that would need CarGo or Chuck Nasty!

Jordan Zimmermann, Tigers reach 5-year, $110 million deal —

The Rockies had little no chance to acquire Jordan Zimmermann, but his signing may now dictate the market for other starting pitchers below him. If the Rockies make a play on Mike Leake, Ian Kennedy, or others in that realm—which, granted, may be a stretch anyways—their contracts may be influenced top-down by some of the stronger free agents that are now being signed off the market.

MLB free agent & hot strove tracker —

We've linked this before, but here's something to keep an eye on as the Winter Meetings heat up at the end of this week. If, ten days from today, Brian Schlitter is still the most notable acquisition the Rockies have made this offseason, I'm quitting everything and moving to the Australian Outback!

Also, because I'm in a good mood and it's Monday (I LOVE MONDAYS!!!), I will crowdsource my meal for tonight: