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Did the Rockies win the bid for KBO first baseman Byung-Ho Park?

Rockies news and links for Monday November 9, 2015.

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Latest On Byung-ho Park - MLB Trade Rumors

Yesterday, MLB Trade Rumors provided the latest on Byung-Ho Park. Someone won the bid for the right-handed first baseman, but it remained unclear who. Over the weekend, teams were eliminated one by one. Some were reported to have lost the bid, and others were reported to have not placed a bit at all. All the while, the Rockies remained potential bid-winners. The most concrete news about the Rockies came in a tepid Thomas Harding tweet that said he didn't "think there is anything happening there."

This morning CJ Nitkowski of Fox Sports indicated that it was the Pirates who won the bid. He stated: "I was just told that the Pirates won the bidding for Byung Ho Park."

HOWEVER, Buster Olney and others quickly indicated that the Pirates did not, in fact, win the Park bid. As of this writing, there has not been an official announcement, so it's still up in the air, as of this (re)writing.

Whatever happens, the eagerness with which many fans hoped that it was the Rockies who won the bid was not misplaced. There are a bunch of clues that suggest it's possible that the Rockies won the bid. First and foremost, the Rockies also need a first baseman. The team recently turned down their portion of the mutual option on Justin Morneau's contract. Ben Paulsen has hit decently well, but I think it's smoke and mirrors. And in any case, he's not a long term solution. In fact, the long-term solution at first base remains unclear, as there are no obvious candidates in the upper minors, and the lower minors are the lower minors. Park could be had for less money than a free agent, and he also wouldn't cost a draft pick like certain not first baseman hitting the free agent market.

What is most interesting now is finding out whether or not the Rockies even placed a bid in the first place. A couple of offseasons ago, the Rockies missed out on free agent José Abreu. If they bid on Park and lost, we'll at least know that they're active still active in the international market. It's a minor consolation without the payoff of an actual player, but it's something. If the Rockies didn't even place a bid on Park, it really only tells us that the team is very, very good at not leaking news it doesn't want out. It wouldn't necessarily be a comment on the front office. Perhaps the scouts did not like what they saw.

We shall see, and we shall update.

Just Think About Chris Davis and the Colorado Rockies — Rox Pile

If we find out the Rockies didn't win the Park bid, maybe it's just because they were planning on signing Chris Davis all along. LOL, you say? Fair point. Anyhow, Andrew Dill over at Rox Pile rightly points out that Davis at Coors Field would be quite a sight. Coors Field favors power, but it especially favors left-handed power. He'd probably OPS over 1.000 as a member of the Rockies, but he'd also require a contract of about $150 million.

Create the best roster you can from the last 9 years — /r/Baseball

This is a fun little exercise that can also tell you something about the Rockies. The rules: Choose just one player from each season since 2007 and make it a complete starting nine. This is what I came up with:

C: 2008 Chris Iannetta

1B: 2011 Todd Helton

2B: 2009 Clint Barmes

3B: 2015 Nolan Arenado

SS: 2014 Troy Tulowitzki

LF: 2007 Matt Holliday

CF: 2012 Dexter Fowler

RF: 2013 Michael Cuddyer

P: 2010 Ubaldo Jimenez

What does your team look like?