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Your weekly roundup from the sports world and internet

Ridiculous bench celebrations, hilariously sad football fans, old coaches dabbing, a boxer singing poorly, and more... Its time for your weekly roundup!

screenshot via SportsCenter

Welcome to the 33rd Purple Row edition (and 138th overall) of Tuesdays With Mitch, where we're a new month means we're a little closer to April. And don't forget to pay your rent, you bum! Let's get into it...

(As noted before, the "writing portions" of some of my offseason posts will be brief. For the most part, there's not much going on with the Rockies these days and the staff here at Purple Row is covering the ins and outs of the offseason better than I can in this weekly format.)

... In fact, we're jumping straight into the weekly departments today. Lots of good stuff this week!

IMPORTANT: A couple weeks ago, I added a new poll for you to vote on your favorite clips throughout the offseason. Sometime before Spring Training rolls around, we'll crown an offseason CLIP OF THE YEAR. So don't forget to vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post. (Last week's winner was the NBA player getting left hanging.)

Stud(s) of the week:

So I have a bit of a predicament here because the Monmouth Hawks' bench has produced enough clips to generate several blog posts on their own. (Like this one and this one.) The MAAC squad has pulled off some big upsets in the early season and they're having fun doing it. And when they have more fun, we have more fun! Hooray for fun! Sports! Here are a few of my favorite wacky celebrations from these goofballs:



A video posted by Newsworthy Sports Videos (@houseofhighlights) on




Ass of the week:

So Tyson Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko on Saturday to become the new heavyweight champion. Congrats to him for doing that! But then... he did this. Just in case you haven't had your full dosage of awkward yet today, this is Fury singing/yelling to his wife in an arena full of people, including the dude he just beat. If this doesn't make you uncomfortable, you are one cool cucumber. It would be greatly preferred if sweaty athletes could refrain from post-event serenades in the future.

Here's a shortened video:

And here's the full interview, if you dare. He sings for a LONG time (starting at about the 1:50 mark).

Photo of the week:

Look at these freaking alligators try to kill each other on a golf course in Florida! (via Lynn Sarles Facebook and

And a bunch of other stuff from around the internet:

The Spanish call of Luke Kuechly's interception return for a touchdown is sure a fun one. Especially if you don't speak Spanish!

Sometimes the best clips aren't funny or goofy or awkward, they're just great plays that feature jaw-dropping athleticism. Like these three dunks! First, Josh Adams of Wyoming (and Chaparral High School):
Then Jaylon Brown, a freshman at Cal:

Then Dwight Howard taking an alley oop and going right through Krisaps Porzingis:

I don't understand the "dabbing" thing and it feels like it's on its way out, but I did get a good laugh in watching  these goofy old white dudes giving it a shot, much to the delight of their exuberant and youthful pupils. First Les Miles:

...Followed by Frank Beamer. (The legendary coach's final regular season game was quite the scene.)

College football players sure seem to be easily entertained.

A couple fan-made videos from last night's crazy ending to a bad football game I didn't watch must be included. The setup:  The Browns are about to kick a game-winning field goal on the last play of the game. Instead the kick is blocked. The Ravens pick it up and take it the other way for a touchdown and the win. The Browns fans anticipating an impending victory reacted appropriately. (H/T to Fox Sports for these.) (Also, this first one has some hilarious, but NSFW language, so be careful.)
The above video is getting more run, but I think this guy's failed selfie and nonplussed reaction is actually better. I can't stop laughing at his face. Look at his excited smile before he looks back and sees the failure. Then...  no rage, no frustration, not even any sadness... just an emotionless void of a man who is ready to go home.
We continue with a couple GIFs from the college football world, starting with an angry Will Muschamp blowing the leaves off of CBS's graphic. (This should be a strong contender to win the week.)
Oh, no. Not Rudolph! How dare these obscenities be broadcast into my home. Think of the children!

And finally, ESPN and College Gameday's production on the "surrender cobra" is tremendous work and worth your few minutes.

Now go vote in the poll below! (I'm going with "One Browns fan's celebratory selfie goes horribly awry")

Happy Tuesday, everybody. Thanks for readin'. See ya next week.


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