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Rockies trade rumors: Mark Trumbo reportedly on Colorado's radar

How would Trumbo fit with the Rockies, and is he worth the hassle?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies have had discussions with the Seattle Mariners revolving around first baseman/outfielder Mark Trumboaccording to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Other reports, including one from MLB's Thomas Harding, suggest that the talks are dead and possibly were overblown in the first place. But where there's smoke, there's usually fire, and it's not like adding Mark Trumbo wouldn't make sense for the Rockies considering their predicament at first base entering 2016.

Trumbo, 29, is a non-tender candidate despite putting up numbers in 2015 (.262/.310/.449, 22 home runs) that were, in some areas, better than his career averages. That's because he's set to make $9 million next season, according to MLB Trade Rumors' salary arbitration projections. That decision, which must be made by 10 p.m. MT on Wednesday, is going to be a tough one for the Mariners, who would obviously prefer to get something in return for Trumbo rather than losing him altogether (or, perhaps, even instead of re-signing him to a smaller deal).

Why Trumbo makes sense for the Rockies

Ben Paulsen has performed OK in small samples at the major league level, but a full season of Paulsen and an existing platoon option -- Kyle Parker? -- would most likely result in the worst offensive production the Rockies have seen at first base in any single season in franchise history. Trumbo, a proven power hitter regardless of home park, would help alleviate those concerns, as minor as they may be when looking at the big picture for the Rockies. He also has experience in the outfield, where the Rockies could wind up a bit shorthanded if they decide to trade Carlos Gonzalez this offseason.

Trumbo hit 29, 32 and 34 homers in his first three big league seasons and did so while playing half of his games in a park that favors pitchers. If Trumbo is healthy in 2016, his prodigious power could become off the charts at 20th and Blake.

Why Trumbo doesn't make sense for the Rockies

Well, $9 million is a lot of money, and it becomes even more money if the Rockies actually have to give something up to acquire Trumbo. One of the reasons talks between the Rockies and Mariners may have fizzled is that Colorado is hoping Seattle non-tenders Trumbo. That would allow the Rockies to enter a bidding war for his services, and getting Trumbo for one year at a price somewhere in the $7-8 million range wouldn't be as bad as the alternative, particularly when considering the upside.

Even then, Trumbo's poor on-base skills are something the Rockies definitely don't need. They already struggle to find ways to get on base when batted ball luck isn't going their way, and adding a guy with a career .300 OBP to their lineup wouldn't make things better.


If Trumbo becomes a free agent Wednesday night, I'd expect the Rockies to make a run at him. That power potential is certainly worth writing home about, and Trumbo's splits vs. left-handed pitching would help quell a huge problem from last season. If Colorado is able to land Trumbo, it wouldn't make the team a whole lot better as a whole, but it would give the Rockies some options next summer if the slugging first baseman is performing well and the Rockies, as expected, are out of contention.

That said, the team likely will not give up anything of value in order to acquire Trumbo, so if you're the type who wants him here, you'd better hope he gets non-tendered by Seattle first.