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Jason Heyward signing could impact the Rockies offseason plans

The Rockies' outfielders were a popular topic among yesterday's winter meetings rumors, but no deal got done. Jason Heyward might be the reason.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

For seemingly the first time since Bridich became the GM there were actual rumors regarding future Rockies transaction throughout Day 3 of the MLB Winter Meetings.

Rockies willing to move Cargo, Blackmon, or Dickerson -

The Rockies seemed open to moving any of their left-handed outfielders as various rumors regarding them circulated through the twitter channels yesterday including these.

While CarGo seemed to be the most popular, there was also some action involving Blackmon and the Chicago Cubs.

However, despite all the rumors, no trade involving the Rockies was completed yesterday, and Jason Heyward may be the reason why.  Patrick Saunders, from the Denver Post, tweeted this out.

It seems that many of the Rockies potential trading partners are waiting for some of the free-agent outfielders to sign before making trades.  This makes sense as a team like the Cubs may be trying to sign Heyward, but if he signs elsewhere they will fall back to a contingency plan involving Blackmon.

After David Price and Zack Greinke signed their deals, the teams that missed out on them quickly responded with their own signings and trades as they regrouped.  With Ben Zobrist already off the market, watch for a flurry of moves, some possibly involving the Rockies, when Heyward signs.

Rule 5 Draft Results -

The MLB Rule 5 draft was this morning, and unlike this year the Rockies did not have anyone selected in any stage of the draft.  However, they did select RHP Luis Perdomo from the St. Louis Cardinals in the MLB draft and Luis Niebla, a RHP, from the New York Yankees.

Since the draft, the Rockies have since traded Perdomo to the Padres.

Rockies close to deal with Mark Reynolds -

The Rockies seem close to signing a one-year contract with Mark Reynolds late last night, though nothing has been confirmed since then.  Reynolds could be a nice right-handed platoon partner at first base and also provide some serious power off of the bench.  However, that will most likely be accompanied by a fairly large amount of strikeouts.

With the winter meetings wrapping up today, be sure to stay tuned to Purple Row for any further developments in any of these stories.